Legacy Ankh - “D” edition

Legacy Ankh - “D” edition

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The "D" Edition (designed by P.N. D'Drennan) which was designed during the early years of the Sabretooth Clan from 1996-7. Commissioned by Father Sebastiaan from D'Drennan exclusively for his fang clients is a rare collectors edition only made in sterling silver and measures about 3 inches long. Only those who are personally approved by Father Sebastiaan, most notably select personal fang clients. Only about 25 are ever made per year and obtaining one is considered a great honor. 

Stone Colors

A closely guarded secret amongst the Vampires of the Sabretooth Clan and if you look you will find the answers. These are obvious to know is "in the know" and not very obvious to those who do not. Each stone color of white, red, purple and black has a significant meaning, those who put stones in them without knowing this meaning will invite those who do know to test and validate their intent. 

Licensing and Credits

The Vampire Legacy Ankh design is a copyright and the trademark by the Sabretooth Clan, all rights reserved, original concept by Father Sebastiaan (1996), design and original jewelry by Master Metal Manipulator D'Drennan in 1996-7. Here are a few craftspeople who are apart of the Sabretooth Clan network who have been granted permission to use this symbol. If you are curious about creating artwork with the Vampyre Legacy Ankh please contact Father Sebastiaan directly.